Saturday, May 19, 2012

Tropical Hobbyland - Miami, Florida

Madeliene, pet chimpanzee, who is a favorite attraction at Hobby Land, Miami, Florida.

"Save me From That 'Gator!"  Tropical Hobbyland Seminole Village, N.W. 27th Ave. at 15th St., Miami, Florida, is where you will find the concrete alligator pictured here.  You can also see exhibitions of alligator wrestling at Hobbyland, and a real Seminole village with the Indians living just as they have in the Everglades for centuries.

"Don't They Like Us?"
"Flamingos so close you can touch them," has always been the boast of Tropial Hobbyland, world-famous tropical zoo, N.W. 27th Ave. at 15th St., Miami, Florida.  However, these flamingos don't seem to want to cooperate with the young Seminoles, also residents of Hobbyland.  Hobbyland is famous for its fabulous collection of tropical birds, and its "Monkey Carnival".

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