Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Copper Mines Of Arizona

Lavender Pit
Copper Mine - Phelps Dodge Corp.
Bisbee, Arizona
Highway 80, a paved thoroughfare is routed over one of the "benches" of the fames Lavender pit, one of the world's largest open pit mines.  Tourists marvel at the panorama of the 155 acre pit and view with interest the mining operations going on below.

Copper Mine at Morenci, Arizona
These serpentine terrraces are the result of the removal of a mountain to uncover a vast bed of copper.  Phelps Dodge has laid bare a bed of red Metal half a mile wide, more than a mile long and an eighth of a mile deep.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Plymouth, Massachusetts
Historical Plymouth recalls the time in U.S. history when the stalwart pilgrims landed in 1620.

Friday, October 12, 2012

Williamsburg, Virginia

Governor's Palace, Williamsburg, Virginia
An eighteenth-century carriage stands before the residence of the Royal Governor of Virginia, one of the most elegant mansions in colonial America.  The formal gardens show the lavishness of the period.  Open daily.

Ballroom Garden Governor's Palace
The garden beyond the Ballroom of the Governor's Palace typifies the formality of English design.  Here are found elaborate geometrical parterres, framed with clipped hedges and accented with topiary work.  Standing watch over the garden are twelve massive box trees, the "twelve apostles" often found on English estates of the period.  Open daily.

Robertson's Windmill, Williamsburg, Virginia
This windmill is known as a post mill because the whole superstructure revolves around a single huge post of timber.  Today an operating Craft Shop open to the public, Robertson's Windmill once again offers to its patrons the finest meal ground in Virginia.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Jerome, Arizona

Jerome (Ghost City), Arizona
Main Street (which is also Highway 89) houses the Mine Museum sponsored by the Jerome Historical Society, and a variety of novelty and antique shops run by the live "ghosts" who refuse to leave this best preserved and most fascinating ghost town in Arizona.

Little Daisy Hotel
Jerome (Ghost Town), Arizona
This hotel was closed and deserted in 1938 when the mining operations closed.  it was built before 1920 with 40 double rooms, and was used by the copper mine employees.

Traveling Jail - Jerome, Arizona
This building moved 225 feet from its original foundation.  From this point you look over the Verde Valley & Red Rocks to the San Francisco Peaks.