Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Florida Space Coast

Air Force Missile Test Center
Patrick Air Force Base, Florida
JUNO II, the U.S. Army's Space Probe under direction of NASA is made ready for launching at Station No. 1 of the Atlantic Missile Range.

National Aeronatics And Space Administration Project Mercury Astronaut Lt. Col. John H Glenn, Jr. entering the Friendship 7 Space Craft prior to launch on February 20, 1962 on history making 3 orbit flight.

Air Force Missile Test Center
Patrick Air Force Base, Florida
The Martin Company's Titan launch at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Along the Beach, Gorve Beach, Conn.

Old Powder House, where the powder was kept during the Revolution, 1776, Fairfield, Conn.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Florida Flora

Royal Poinciana Tree Amidst the Palms, Florida

Coral Vines
Favored Child of Nature, Florida opens her bounty to all who would heed her call.  Earth and sky and sea unite in making this land a beauty spot unsurpassed.  Flowering trees, shrubs and vines blossom in bright array, a never ending delight to the fortunate visitor.

One of Florida's Many Beautiful Tropical Avenues

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Richmond, Virginia

Medical College of Virginia, Richmond, VA.

Richmond, Virgini
Capital of the Dominion State

Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Indian Lake, Ohio

The Way of the Willows, Indian Lake, Ohio

Silver Isle and White Cottage Park, Indian Lake, Ohio

Open Air Bandshell, Moonlight Terrace, Indian Lake, Ohio

Friday, August 26, 2011

Florida Pelicans

The Pelican is one of the strangest and most amusing birds of the South.  Their large pouch-like underbill can hold enormous quantities of food and feeding them is a very popular pastime.

We are a pelican family,
Queerer birds you'll never see.
With beaks so elastic,
We look quite fantastic.
But at fishing, we're tops, you'll agree.

The Pelecanus Occidentalis Linnaeus or Brown Pelican of Florida is a strange weird creature.  Its most noticeable feature is the long bill connected with throat by a large naked gular pouch capable of much expansion.
Ma and Pa Pelican are very similar in appearance, but look closely and you will notice that Ma's head and neck are white - from worrying about Pa no doubt!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ontario, Canada

White Towers Motel
Barrie, Ontario, on new Super Hwy. 400 reached via Dunlop St. cloverleaf, also reached via Hwys. 11 and 27.  Member of AAA OTCA CAA.  Family Suites, baths and showers, dinettes and kitchenettes - all heated.  Quiet and Restful.  For reservations call 2376 Barrie.  Your hosts, Ray and Kay Osborne.

The Bell Homestead Brantford, Ontario, Canada

Drew Motel
Located on Highway No. 2 Aldershot, 5 miles east of Hamilton, Ont.  Ultra Modern appointments & furnishings, open year round.
L.C. Drew, Prop.

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Florida Sunrise

What wonderskies of Florida smile
What beauties do they not behold,
Of earth and sea combined to make
A Paradise of Joys untold.

Sunrise on the Florida Coast

Sun-up over the Bay, Florida

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Pennsylvania Dutch Country

Greetings form the "Pennsylvania Dutch Country"
Leaman Place Covered Bridge.  It was built in 1893 and measured 113 ft.

"Heart of Amishland"
Old Covered Wagon
Amish carriagemakers restore an old wagon used in pioneer days of Early America.

Greetings - From "The Amish Country"
AMISH Family out for a Sunday ride with a horse and Sleigh on a brisk Winter day.

Monday, August 22, 2011


We Sun and Bathe While You Freeze and Rave

Sand In My Shoes
There's a saying, in this land
"If your shoes contain its sand
You will soon come back once more
To its fair and sunny shore!"
Well, if that's a truthful "crank",
It's a cinch I'll Soon Be Back
'Cause SO MUCH SAND is in My Pair-

"She Sells Sea Shells" in Florida

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Indian Lake, Ohio

Trailer Park and Boating, at Indian Lake, Ohio

Air View, Across Indian Lake, Ohio

Water Lillies, Indian Lake, Ohio

Saturday, August 20, 2011

Florida Space Coast

John F. Kennedy Space Center
Pre-launch preparations on the Atlas Centaur hours before lift-off from launch Complex 36 at Cape Kennedy.  The Centaur launch vehicle will be used to place a soft-landing payload on the moon.

Mock-up of LM (Lunar Module) at the Visitor Inforamation Center.

At Left-NASA's John F. Kennedy Space Center, Florida
52 story Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB).  This building contains 129 million cubic feet of space and covers 8 acres.  More than 58,000 tons of steel were used in its construction.

At Right-Launch of the APOLLO/SATURN V SPACE VEHICLE form Complex 39 A, Kennedy Space Center, Florida.  At liftoff the 363-foot Launch Vehicle weighed 6,220,025 pounds.  The first-stage engines produced 7,500,000 pounds of thrust & burnt 15 tons of fuel per second.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Sun Valley, Idaho

All four of todays cards are Union Pacific Railroad Pictorial Post Cards who owned and operated the facilities depicted.

Lodge Game Room, Sun Valley, Idaho
The game room of Sun Valley Lodge offers bowling, pool, table tennis, and other indoor sports.  In addition there is a Beauty and Barber shop staffed with competent operators, and a completely equipped Physio-Therapy Department in the Lodge.

Cafe Continental, Challenger Inn
Sun Valley, Idaho
The Cafe Continental and the Skiers' Cafe at Sun Valley offer fine food at moderate cost in surroundings that are altogether delightful.

Inn Guest Room, Sun Valley, Idaho
Dedicated to comfortable and enjoyable vacation living, at reasonable cost, Challenger Inn lives vividly and pleasantly in the memory of thousands of former guests.  Rooms are ample and styled in modern design.  They are furnished with a discriminating eye to comfort and convenience.

Lodge Guest Room, Sun Valley, Idaho
Sun Valley Lodge is designed throughout for genuine homelike comfort and gracious living.  Rooms are equipped with downy-soft twin beds, with adjoining bath.  An experienced staff is in constant attendance to serve your every need.  Here it is hard to believe you are at the edge of one of America's last frontiers.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cypress Gardens November 1989

We continue our exploration of Cypress Gardens through the years with todays post moving us to 1989 While 1989 is not exactly vintage, my thought is that since the park no longer exists everything is vintage (besides, that was 22 years ago).  Some friends and myself went to the Gardens on this day to film a video entitled "The Hick Family Vacation" (not exactly politically correct, but loads of fun). 

Mediterranean Falls in the Gardens of the World area (with our beautiful models Martha and Doreen Hick)

Martha and Doreen strike a pose in front of what I believe was the Village Restaurant in the Dixie Crossroads section of the park.  In earlier years there was a great walk-thru attraction here called Legends of the South, which I spent an entire afternoon continuously going through one day when I was about 10, but I believe it was gone by 1989.

Martha in the Oriental Gardens.

Martha, Doreen, and an unidentified man in the Oriental Gardens with Buddha.

This area of the park had some carnival style games and several kiddie rides but I don't recall what it was called.

Here Martha, Floyd, and Doreen all pose at the Gator Show.  There were some smaller sized gators swimming just behind us on the other sided of the plexiglass wall.

Cypress trees in Lake Eloise.

A deer rests in the shade in the petting zoo section of the park.

This was in the Gardens of the World section of the park not far from the Snively Mansion.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Richmond, Virginia

The Civil War Centennial Center, in downtown Richmond, is your orientation point for visits to Virginia's wealth of Civil War Sites.  See documentary color films, electric campaign maps, and other exciting exhibits.  Drive north on 7th street, turn right just short of Turnpike.  Duval street leads directly into free parking lot.

Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike
Sky-Line view of the Capital of the Old Dominion, looking north from the Maury St. Interchange of the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpike.  Virginia's newest, safest and most modern expressway - the Richmond-Petersburg Turnpik - Interstate 95 - provides 34.7 miles of fast,relaxed driving between north of Richmond and south of Petersburg.

the White House of the Confederacy - 1861-1865 now the Confederate Museum where can be seen uniforms, swords, camp equipment and many other relics of Generals Robt. E. Lee, Thomas J. (Stonewall) Jackson, Joseph E. Johnston, J.E.B. Stuart and other confederate heroes.