Thursday, August 18, 2011

Cypress Gardens November 1989

We continue our exploration of Cypress Gardens through the years with todays post moving us to 1989 While 1989 is not exactly vintage, my thought is that since the park no longer exists everything is vintage (besides, that was 22 years ago).  Some friends and myself went to the Gardens on this day to film a video entitled "The Hick Family Vacation" (not exactly politically correct, but loads of fun). 

Mediterranean Falls in the Gardens of the World area (with our beautiful models Martha and Doreen Hick)

Martha and Doreen strike a pose in front of what I believe was the Village Restaurant in the Dixie Crossroads section of the park.  In earlier years there was a great walk-thru attraction here called Legends of the South, which I spent an entire afternoon continuously going through one day when I was about 10, but I believe it was gone by 1989.

Martha in the Oriental Gardens.

Martha, Doreen, and an unidentified man in the Oriental Gardens with Buddha.

This area of the park had some carnival style games and several kiddie rides but I don't recall what it was called.

Here Martha, Floyd, and Doreen all pose at the Gator Show.  There were some smaller sized gators swimming just behind us on the other sided of the plexiglass wall.

Cypress trees in Lake Eloise.

A deer rests in the shade in the petting zoo section of the park.

This was in the Gardens of the World section of the park not far from the Snively Mansion.


  1. Legends of the South - was that the haunted house? I remember when the "alligator" would come running out underneath the fence against which the Southern belle guide leaned while narrating the tour. I can't remember many details, but I think the ghosts of Confederate soldiers and crackers featured prominently.

    I used to love that attraction, the gator show, the ice skating show (a favorite of my grandmother's) and the magic show (which included sawing a woman in half for its finale). But the animal exhibits were my favorite thing. We went so much.

  2. You're recollections sound acurate to my memory. My memories are that it was really cool but by today's standards would probably be considered lame. Besides, no one wants walk-thru attractions these days.