Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Richmond, Virginia

This building, now the Confederate Museum was the White House of the Confederacy from 1861-1865.  Here lived President Jefferson Davis.  Here came the generals to confer, the couriers bearing news of the various battles.  Most fittingly, the women of the South have made this a treasure-house of things Confederate.  In the museum you may now see the uniforms, awards, camp chest and multitudinous relics of Generals Robert E. Lee, Thomas J. ("Stonewall") Jackson, Joseph E Johnston, J.E.B. Stuart and most of the other Confederate heroes.  The student of that phase of our history finds here invaluable historical papers and files.  Make a U-turn and proceed west on Clay to Eleventh.

Richmond, Virginia
The Virginia State Capitol was designed by Thomas Jefferson, after the Maison Caree, in Nimes, France, an ancient Roman Temple.  The central part was completed about 1798, and the wings added in 1905.

St. John's Episcopal Church
Richmond, Virginia
Built in 1741, St. John's Episcopal Church is the oldest in the city, and will remain famous as the place where Patrick Henry gave his challenging oration for "Liberty or Death" to the American Colonists.  Edgar Allan Poe's mother, Elizabeth Arnold Poe, is buried in this famous cemetery.

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