Saturday, August 6, 2011

Cypress Gardens 1976

Today we step away from the postcards once again for some more vintage pictures of Cypress Gardens.  Today's pictures come from a Summer 1976 visit that we made to Florida for the Bicentennial. 

The world famous Cypress Gardens ski show.

A grove of the park's namesake trees.

Personally I wouldn't think that under a giant cactus was the best place to locate a bench.

Florida fauna.

I'm guessing this was for the Bicentennial.

A canal and bird in the historic gardens.

I'm not sure exactly what this was and I don't remember it at all.  The picture is too fuzzy to read the signs but maybe it had some Pacific island culture ties, what with the tikis in front of the fence and all.

Probably the most photograhed location in the gardens, the gazebo.


  1. I have some old Cypress Gardens pictures in my grandmother's photo albums, too.

    Wow! I don't remember ever seeing alligators at Cypress Gardens before the advent of the zoo section of the park and its alligator and crocodile show. Of course, once I was old enough to know about them, I assumed alligators lived in the lake and canals, unless and/or until they were trapped.

    Yeah, that gazebo always reminds me of the "Day of Discovery" program my father used to watch on Sunday mornings.

  2. I'd forgotten about that church show.