Friday, August 19, 2011

Sun Valley, Idaho

All four of todays cards are Union Pacific Railroad Pictorial Post Cards who owned and operated the facilities depicted.

Lodge Game Room, Sun Valley, Idaho
The game room of Sun Valley Lodge offers bowling, pool, table tennis, and other indoor sports.  In addition there is a Beauty and Barber shop staffed with competent operators, and a completely equipped Physio-Therapy Department in the Lodge.

Cafe Continental, Challenger Inn
Sun Valley, Idaho
The Cafe Continental and the Skiers' Cafe at Sun Valley offer fine food at moderate cost in surroundings that are altogether delightful.

Inn Guest Room, Sun Valley, Idaho
Dedicated to comfortable and enjoyable vacation living, at reasonable cost, Challenger Inn lives vividly and pleasantly in the memory of thousands of former guests.  Rooms are ample and styled in modern design.  They are furnished with a discriminating eye to comfort and convenience.

Lodge Guest Room, Sun Valley, Idaho
Sun Valley Lodge is designed throughout for genuine homelike comfort and gracious living.  Rooms are equipped with downy-soft twin beds, with adjoining bath.  An experienced staff is in constant attendance to serve your every need.  Here it is hard to believe you are at the edge of one of America's last frontiers.

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  1. I know when I go in for hair or beauty treatments I want the service/s done by a "competent operator."

    That one guest room looks like a dorm room. Of course, I like the idea of reasonable prices making desirable vacation destinations available to a wider population than the wealthy elite.