Friday, June 5, 2009

Big Bend National Park, Texas

NPC-40 - Santa Elena Canyon - Perendicular walls, more than 1500 feet in height, have been carved by the Rio Grande, forming this canyon. Mexico appears at the left of the river, while the United States is on the right

NPC-35 - Santa Elena Canyon - Carved by the Rio Grande, this spectacular gorge is more than 15 miles long. Perpendicular walls tower 1600 feet above the river. Mexico is at the left and the United States on the right.

NPC-153 - Castolon Peak - Colorful Castolon Peak is one of the prominent features along the scenic Castolon Road. The peak, which is composed of a variety of rock formations, is near the Castolon Store, Santa Elena Canyon and Santa Elena Village in Mexico.

NPC-154 - Desert Scene Near Castolon - Unique desert terrain is a fascinating attraction along the scenic Castolon Road. Geological formations include basalt, lava and other types of igneous rock.


  1. I haven't been. Several years ago my I helped clean out an old lady's house before she went into assisted living. All (or most) of these postcards came from her.