Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Rainbow Springs, Florida

Rainbow Springs Park opened in the 1930's, changed ownership several times, and finally closed in the 1970's.  The springs later became and currently remain a state park.  Unlike Silver Springs with it's glass bottom boats, the boats at Rainbow Springs had guests sitting below the water level and looking straight out at the underwater landscape.

S-33940 - Florida's Rainbow Springs

SC8620 - Boat docks showing the boats at beautiful Rainbow Springs.

S-33939 - Rainbow Over Rainbow Springs, Florida

S-2216-2 - Rainbow Falls:  Florida's Highest Waterfall, Rainbow Springs, Florida

F-75 - An underwater world of beauty - color and amazement - set amid moss hung magnolias and towering live oaks near Dunnellon on U.S. Highway 41

S-14724-2 - Calico Bass:  One of the many underwater scenes from the Sub Boats at Florida's Rainbow Springs.  Located 3 1/2 miles north of Dunnellon on U.S. Highway 41.

S-33941 - River Of Rainbows Cruise at Rainbow Springs

SC8619 - Beautiful Rainbow River, Marion County, Dunnellon, Florida.  "Home of Rainbow Springs."


  1. I don't remember ever hearing about this place. If it completely closed in the seventies, these pictures must have come from before then. How are the colors so well preserved? The photo quality of the underwater shot is especially impressive.

  2. Excellent: My Brother took our parents back to Rainbow Springs today. They honeymooned their in 1955. It ended up being one of our favorite vacation spots as kids growing up in the 60's. These postcards are like the pictures in my mind. My Brother & I would swim in the cold head springs water and jump off the floating dock. In picture F-75 you can see that dock to the left. The Interstate (and Disney World) killed this place. But what fond memories. In the 70's they tried to add a theme park, but that didn't work. My Brother said some of those items, still remain today.
    Thanks for sharing.