Tuesday, November 17, 2009

The Great Masterpiece - Masterpiece Gardens

The Great Masterpiece
Lake Wales, Florida

In a beautiful garden on the shore of Lake Pierce near the Singing Tower is lovated one of the great art treasures of modern times...a magnificently executed 300,000 piece mosaic in which is recaptured for all time the detail and meaning of Leonardo da Vinci's immortal "Lord's Last Supper".

Viewing the huge mosaic in its unusual outdoor setting, the visitor is easily transported to Milan where Leonardo's original painting, ravaged by time and war, is gradually fading from the wall of an ancient monastery.

Europe's most highly skilled mosaic artisians completed the Great Masterpiece in Germany in 1930.  Flown out of Berlin by U.S. Airlift it was brought to its permanent home here in the Gardens of Peace.


  1. (I really thought I put a comment on this already.)

    My family used to go to Masterpiece Gardens in my preschool days. I have often wondered what happened to it. Where is the eponymous artwork now?

  2. While the wall that held the mosaic is still in place and part of some religios camp, I read that the mosaic was shipped off to somewhere else (in the Carolina's maybe I can't remember).