Saturday, November 6, 2010

Frankfort, Kentucky

The State Capitol, Frankfort, Kentucky
The Capitol Building, erected in 1909, is among the finest in the United States.  Constructed of Bedford Stone and Vermont granite, Kentucky's new Capitol building has generous length and breadth.  The Capitol Building shows three stories in treatment of its elevations, closely resembling in design the National Capitol.  Terraced walls, and its unusual front pediment, add the finishing otuches to its magnificence.  The Dome is a reproduction of the Tomb of Napoleon.

Kentucky State Capitol
Frankfort, Kentucky

Floral Clock
Capitol Grounds
Frankfort, Kentucky
Rising above the cool surface of a reflecting pool, Kentucky's floral clock is one of the Commonwealth's most impressive attractions.  The clock's huge hands tick off the hours against a background of 13,000 plants.  It was constructed under the joint sponsorship of the Commonwealth and the Garden Club of Kentucky, Inc.

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