Saturday, January 1, 2011

Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

Stephen Collins Foster Memorial - Pittsburgh, Pa.  Adjoining the Cathedral of Learning stands the costliest tribute ever erected to a musician.  Here, in this magnificent building, are kept the original manuscripts of Pttsburgh's famed composer.  Among the well known compositions of Foster are: My Old Kentucky Home, Oh Susanna, Old Black Joe, Beautiful Dreamer, Jeanne With The Light Brown Hair, Old Folks At Home and Massa's In De Cold Cold Ground.

A walk in Highland Park, Pittsburgh, Pa.


  1. Whoa! "Massa's in De Cold Cold Ground"? I knew the darkies were gay and longed for the old plantation in his other songs, but I hadn't heard of this one.

  2. I just found and read the lyrics on-line. Where was Nat Turner? And Stephen Foster was an abolitionist?