Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Parrot Jungle

Over 100 beautiful flamingos parade on the banks of the Flamingo Lake at Miami's famous Parrot Jungle.  Photographers and visitors have an exceptional view of these delicate birds from a coral rock pavillion seen here in the background.

"Parrot Bowl"
At least once an hour the macaws and cockatoos congregate in the "Parrot Bowl" at Miami's famous Parrot Jungle.  The trainer is having "Butch", an Australian cockatoo, show off his crest and wings.

High in the sky over Miami's famous Parrot Jungle.  Over 100 of these beautiful macaws are free to fly as they wish during the day but are trained to come home to roost indoors at night.  All of them are named and each pair has its own cage with their names on it that they occupy every night.

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