Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Plymouth, Massachusetts

Mayflower II built by Brixham by Project Mayflower; sailed from Plymouth, England to Plymouth, Massachusetts by Captain Villiers in April 1957, a gift of the people of Great Britain to the people of the United States as a gesture of Anglo-American friendship.  Mayflower II will be berthed permanently at Plimoth Plantation Eel River Site in Plymouth, Massachusetts.

A representation of Mayflower II by Gordon Grant.  Mayflower II is being built in England by Project Mayflower Ltd.  It will be sailed to the U.S. sometime in 1957 and delivered to Plimoth Plantation Inc. for permanent custody - a gift from the people of the Commonwealth of Nations to the people of the U.S. in recognition of the long standing friendship between these two great countries.

Mayflower II
A replica of the Original Mayflower to be berthed at Plymouth, Mass., as a National Shrine - a gift from England to the people of America.

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