Thursday, April 4, 2013

Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Outstanding Monuments on Gettysburg Field of Battle
Left:  New York State Monument
Center:  Pennsylvania State Memorial
Right:  Virginia State Monument

Peace Light Inn and Court
located on the battlefield at the entrance to Peace Light Memorial
Gettysburg, PA.
27 beautiful air conditioned rooms with individual controlled steam heat, open the year 'round, specializing in Home Cooked Food.

The Lincoln Room
Gettysburg, Pa.
This room, located in the historic Wills House, is the bedroom where President Abraham Lincoln spent the night of November 18, 1863.  It is here he prepared his immortal Gettysburg Address to be delivered the next day at the dedication of the National Cemetery.  The room, remaining to this day as it was in 1863, is open to the public.

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  1. That Lincoln Room is something I would like to visit. It possess more than the mere cachet offered by the opportunity to rub phantom elbows with the historical elite who "slept here." The fact that this is the actual space where he wrote something with the long-ranging significance of "The Gettysburg Address," and they have preserved the space the way it appeared then, is very exciting to me.