Sunday, August 23, 2009

Cypress Gardens - Florida

Finally, the last of the Cypress Gardens postcards.

Bordered with roses, a Dutch Windmill thrusts its blades in the Florida sky beautiful Florida's Cypress Gardens.

Rising above the waters of Lake Eloise at beautiful Cypress Gardens, are gnarled cypress knees that actually "breathe" for the century old cypress trees they seem to guard.

Winding trails, beautiful flowers and waterways at Florida's Famous Cypress Gardens "America's Tropical Wonderland".

Flowers are everywhere along the winding paths at Florida's beautiful Cypress Gardens.

Beauty among the many varieties of roses found in the rose gardens at world famous Cypress Gardens.

Sightseeing Boats glide through a wonderland of tropical beauty at Florida's Cypress Gardens.

A view of the beautiful Terrace overlooking Cypress Gardens, Florida.

Aerial scene of Florida's fabulous Cypress Gardens and Cypress Gardens Sheraton Motor Inn.

Along the winding pathways of Florida's Cypress Gardens, beautiful Orchids, gathered from the ends of the earth, are seen growing on the trees and palms. They provide a wonderful chance for color photographers, to record the various varieties of bloom.

"All American" Rose Garden - At Cypress Gardens the "All American" winners of the past and present show their beautiful blossoms to several million rose lovers each year.

Water Ski Show Sailor Clowns - Four of the champions engage in hilarious hijinks using the ski jumps and the Cypress Gardens flivver boat.

Immense crowds watch the four water-skiing exhibitions daily with the Aquamaids and world famous champions at Florida's beautiful Cypress Gardens.


  1. There used to be large Dutch wooden shoes near the windmill. I think my grandmother took pictures of me sitting in them.

    What's all the hoopla about this terrace I don't remember? Is it what became the shops and entrance area?

  2. I'd forgotten about the shoes. I remember sitting in them as well.

    Yes, the terrace is where the entrance plaza and shops were later. I believe this building was still slightly visible and the others were built around it but I'm not totally sure since I haven't been there in years.

  3. I decided to revisit these posts after our recent Southern Belles discussion, and was surprised to see the young lady posing on the brick walkway near the pink azaleas is obviously wearing some kind of hoop skirt under her blue dress. I also seem to remember seeing some wearing cameo chokers. I guess to a certain degree there was an attempt to suggest mid-nineteenth century fashion.