Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Silver Springs, Florida

Playful Goats cavort on storybook "Goat Tree" and swinging bridge at TOMMY BARTLETT'S DEER RANCH, located at Florida's Famed Silver Springs.

With radio and T-V personality, Tommy Bartlett, children delight in feeding the animals at his Deer Ranch at Florida's Silver Springs.

"Romeo" Rabbit, schooled by Keller Breland, offers many amusing antics with his girl friend for the visitors at Tommy Bartlett's Deer Ranch located at Florida's Famed Silver Springs.

Florida's Silver Springs - Home of World Famous Glass Bottom Boats.
Flowers that grow in park.

Save electrically propelled Glass Bottom Boats.
Florida's Silver Springs.
Camellias, one of Florida's loveliest flowers, are grown in abundance with all their brilliant color and beauty in park at Silver Springs.
No entrance fee. No parking fee. Free picnic tables throughout the beautiful park.

"Delmar", trained by Keller Breland, walks onto the stage, turns on the juke box and tap dances for the pleasure of visitors to Tommy Barlett's Deer Ranch, located at Florida's famed Silver Springs.

"Desmond", a graduate of Animal Behavior, is the world's only duck which plays the bass drum. His antics amuse visitors, young and old alike, at Tommy Bartlett's Deer Ranch located at Florida's Famed Silver Springs.

Visitors enjoy hand-feeding the many tame Deer from 18 foreign countries at TOMMY BARTLETT'S INTERNATIONAL DEER RANCH, Located at Florida's Famed Silver Springs.

At TOMMY BARTLETT'S DEER RANCH, Florida's Silver Springs. Feeding the many tame deer or visiting the baby animal nursery is fun for everyone.


  1. I never heard of that TV show.

    Free admission and free parking!

    Interesting that one lady wears a professional dress and the other a swimsuit while feeding the animals.

  2. The lady in the red dress feeding the deer was me in 1961. I worked as a secretary and model at Silver Springs. Funny seeing yourself so many years later on the web.

  3. That's fantastic. It brought a smile to my face.