Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Hagerstown, Maryland

Hagerstown High School
This beautiful co-educational school is one of Western Maryland's largest school buildings.  Modern and complete, it is located at the northern end of the city for students in that section.

City Park and Bandshell
Hagerstown municipally owned park and recreational center is considered one of the finest in the country.  The whole area is a natural scenic spot with every man-made convenience for pleasure and recreation.

Washington County Hospital
This modern 350-bed hospital was built on the former grounds of Kee Mar Female College.  It has a permanent staff, School of Nursing, X-ray and laboratory, and operating suited with all the latest safety devices.

Hagers Fancy
The original fieldstone dwelling of Capt. Jonathan hager was erected in 1740.  This 200 acre plot was patented in 1739, and his home was built over two free flowing springs that are still running..  Hagerstown, Maryland was named after Jonathan Hager, who was a captain in the French and Indian Wars, and came from Westphalia, Germany.  This home is now part of the City Park System.

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