Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Tropical Hobbyland - Miami, Florida

Henry Nelson, world's champion alligator wrester, gives daily exhibitions of this ancient Seminole sport, at Tropical Hobbyland Indian Village, N.W. 28th Avenue at 15th Street, Miami.  the pit at Tropical Hobbyland contains fifty alligators, and a dozen crocodiles, yet Henry will go in the water with them entirely unarmed.

Alligator Wrestling at world famous Tropical Hobbyland, Miami, Florida.

"SAVE ME FROM THAT 'GATOR!"  Tropical Hobbyland Seminole Village, N.W. 28th Avenue at 15th Street, Miami, Florida, is where you will find the concrete alligator pictured here.  You can also see exhibitions of alligator wrestling at Hobbyland, and a real Seminole village with the Indians living just as they have in the Everglades for centuries.

Madelon, the baby chimpanzee, is a favorite of all the visitors to Tropical Hobbyland, located on N.W. 28th Avenue at 15th Street.  Playful and lovable, Madelon receives the same care and diet as any human baby.  Visitors love to see her learning to eat with her own knive and fork.  Tropical Hobbyland is located at 27th Avenue and 15th Street, Miami.

Baby Raccoons, Tropical Hobbyland, Miami, Fla.

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