Thursday, April 15, 2010

Huntsville, Alabama

A spectacular view form Monte Sano State Park near Huntsville, Alabama.

The Big Spring - a great watering spot for Indians and later pioneers heading West - was the reason for HUNTSVILLE'S founding more than 150 years ago.  It was here that President James Monroe attended ceremonies admitting Alabama into Statehood in 1819.  The mother of seven Governors and Rebel Raider, Gen. John Hunt Morgan, Huntsville is today best known as the center of the nation's guided missile development program at Redstone Arsenal.

U.S. Army Ordnance "Nike" Guided Missile
Huntsville, Alabama
Home of Redstone Arsenal, the Army Ordnance Rocket and Guided Missile Center.  The "Nike" was America's first operational guided missile.  Named after the Goddess of Victory, this weapon provides the first line of defense against atomic attack.  This photo is actual color made by U.S. Army.

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