Wednesday, April 28, 2010

New York City, New York

City Hall and Park
The City Hall is a white marble structure erected in 1803 at the cost of $500,000.  It is the seat of the city government, chambers of the Board of Estimate and the Board of Aldermen and office of the Mayor.  The park is 8 1/4 acres.  Emigrant Savings Bank Buildings in the distance.

Municipal Building, Newspaper Row, and City Hall Park.
The Municipal Building faces City Hall Park at Park Row and Center Streets.  It contains offices for all city departments, and is the largest structure of its kind in the world.  the new proposed civic center and the City Hall Park is to be created on the site shown in the picture.  the classical City Hall is 100 years old, and forms the center of the new City Hall Park.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York City

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  1. It's really remarkable how much the city has changed over the years. The one place I really felt like I could picture New York as it used to be was Central Park. How fun it would be to go back in time! Of course then I probably wouldn't be staying at my favorite luxury hotel.