Thursday, July 29, 2010

Knoxville, Tennessee

Bathing beach at Big Ridge State Park near Knoxville, Tennessee.  White sand and diving platform provide excellent swimming in the colorful waters of Norris Lake.

Norris Dam located on the Clinch River, a short distance form Knoxville, Tennessee.  Norris Dam was the first T.V.A. dam to be completed.  The dam is 265' high and 1860' long.

Redmon Motel
On U.S. 25W.  One mile North of Knoxville, Tennessee.  Tile baths, Combination Tubs and Showers.  Air Conditioned - Electric Heat - City Water - Modern - Clean - Reasonable.  Phone MY 1-2967.
Owned and Operated by Mr. & Mrs. Redmon

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