Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Cincinnati, Ohio

Aerial view of the greater Cincinnati Airport
This airport located in Boone County, Kentucky, consists of 928 acres of land and has four hard-surfaced runways of 5,500 feet in length.  CAA Control Tower.  This modern airport accommodates the largest transport planes in regular flight.

Netherland Plaza Hotel and Carew Tower
Magnitudes:  800 Rooms.  85,000 Square Feet Ground Area.  1,383,000 Square Feet Floor Area.  18,000,000 Cubic Feet.  48 Stories, 574 Feet in Height.  Office Building, Hotel, Garage, Department Stores, Retail Shops, Restaurants, Etc.  A City within a city.

Ohio River Scene at Cincinnati, Ohio
The Ohio River is completely canalized and puts Cincinnati at the hub of a 15,000 mile system of inland waterways.  This river is navigable the year 'round.  The river is used both by passenger lines and freight carriers.

Aerial View of Cincinnati, Ohio and the Ohio River.

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