Monday, December 20, 2010

Natural Bridge State Park, Kentucky

One of the picturesque natural bridges of Natural Bridge State park near Slade, Kentucky.  Lodge, dining room, housekeeping cottages, beach, bath-house and boating facilities available.

Natural Bridge
Natural Bridge State Park, Kentucky
This rock formation, 30 feet wide across the top, 50 feet wide at the base with an arch over 100 feet in the clear, is one of Kentucky's most spectacular natural attractions.  Located in the scenic Red River Valley, Cumberland National Forest the park near Slade, Ky. Just off highway 15 only 57 miles from Lexington.  This area, with its mountainous terrain and high rugged cliffs presents a sharp contrast in scenery to the rolling acres of the bluegrass country.

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  1. To think that the word "housekeeping" was once used as a selling point in a vacation advertisement!