Sunday, February 20, 2011

White Springs, Florida

Diorama Depicting Stephan Foster’s “Way Down Upon The Swanee Ribber” at The Stephen Foster Memorial on U.S. Highway 41 – White Springs, Florida.

“Old Black Joe” – a diorama depicting the vision of the voices calling “Old Black Joe,” dedicated to a servant in the home of Stephen Foster’s wife – 1860.

“Oh, Susanna” – a diorama depicting one of the nonsensical songs of Stephen Foster, which was published in 1848, and was adopted as the theme song of the “forty-niners.”  Stephan Foster Museum, White Springs, Florida.


  1. My family went to this museum one year on the way home from our annual trip to visit relatives in Illinois. I was thrilled with the surprise diversion at a point when I assumed the vacation was all down hill (no more Holiday Inn swimming pools or fun with my cousins).

  2. I totally wanted to stop on my last trip to Atlanta but on the way up I was in a hurry to get there and on the way back my car was loaded down with stuff.