Friday, June 3, 2011

Richmond, Virginia

St. John's Episcopal Church
Richmond, Virginia
Built in 1741, St. John's Episcopal Church is the oldest in the city, and will remain famous as the place wehre Patrick Henry gave his challenging oration for "Liberty or Death" to the American Colonists.  Edgar Allan Poe's mother, Elizabeth Arnold Poe, is buried in this famous cemetery.

Maymont Park and Museum
Richmond, Virginia
Maymont Park covers an area of over 95 acres with a beautiful display of over 500 different species of shrubbery and plants that bloom at different seasons of the year.  Once the private home of Major & Mrs. James H. Dooley, was bequeathed by them tot he city of Richmond.  Scenic ponds, bridges, fences, grottoes can be seen on a tour of the park besides the Wildlife Exhibit of interest to young and old.

John Marshall home, Richmond, Va.
First Chief Justice of the United States.

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