Saturday, May 5, 2012

Florida Seminoles

Seminole Maid Engaged in Native Handicraft at Musa Isle - Home of the Seminole Indian
N.W. 25th Ave. and 16th Street - Miami, Florida
Here you may see daily the thrilling and unusual exhibition of handling and wrestling ferocious alligators, followed by guided tours thru the Indian Village.

The Seminoles, early inhabitants of Florida, cling to ancient customs and primitive existence.  this woman wears the traditional hair style and colorful costume of ages past.

Florida (Seminole) Indians in Musa Isle:  One of the great attractions of Florida are the Seminole Indians with their colorful costumes, still living in the little straw covered huts as they were built in the past.  One of the largest Indian Villages is in Miami, namely musa Isle, where this picture was taken.

Seminole Indian Family Engaged in the Crafts that Earn Them A Living.

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