Thursday, November 29, 2012

A Century Of Progress Exposition

Electrical Building

Inside the Chinese Lama Temple of Jehol; elaborately carved and colorful.

The Sky Ride at night.  Rocket cars cross the lagoon at a height of 225 feet. 

The Charmingly Oriental Japanese Pavilion and Garden.

The Sears, Roebuck Building, on the Avenue of Flags. 

The Italian Pavilion with its 150 foot tower.

The Swedish Building, a reflection of the Stockholm Exposition.

The Walgreen Building with its revolving tower.

Old Heidelberg Inn, restaurant and rathskeller for World's Fair visitors. 

The Hall of Science in which the basic science exhibits are displayed.

The General Exhibits Building, which houses the exhibits of American manufacturers.

The Hall of Religion, from the Lagoon.

The romantic colorful pageant "Wings of a Century." 

The interior of Fort Dearborn.

The Chrysler Motor Company exhibits and car-testing track.

The General Motors Building, framed by the Aurora Borealis.

Travel and Transport Building, with immense dome supported by "sky hooks." 

Enchanted Island, glorified playground where parents may leave their children.

Federal Building and States Group, an architectural dramatization of national unity.

The colorful Agricultural Building, with the Dairy Building at the left.

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  1. Oooh! So many comments to make!

    1. Obviously, descriptions and depictions of these events always remind me of EPCOT, the only experience I have had like going to an exposition of this sort.

    2. I am amazed that people used to put these up in all their grandeur, then tear them down. Isn't that right?

    3. "Charmingly Oriental"

    4. I wanna go to the Hall of Religion.

    5. I never realized the Aurora Borealis extended as far south as Chicago.

    6. The parents could "leave their children" at Enchanted Island. I'm seeing Betty Draper angry at Sally for presumably dumping the dry cleaned clothes on the floor, while playing "Spaceman" with the plastic bag over her head.