Monday, November 19, 2012

Williamsburg, Virginia

The Capitol
Williamsburg, Virginia
In Virginia's colonial capitol occurred such stirring events as Patrick Henry's "Caesar-Brutus" speech and his defiant resolutions opposing the Stamp Act;  George Mason's Virginia Declaration of Rights; and the May 15, 1776, Resolution for Independence that led directly to Philadelphia and the July 4 Declaration.

Williamsburg Inn Swimming Pool
Williamsburg, Virginia
Visitors to Williamsburg who stay at the Williamsburg Inn or Williamsburg Lodge may enjoy the refreshing pleasures provided by this twentieth-century replacement for the old swimming hole.  Framed by velvety grass and luxuriant willows, the Williamsburg Inn Pool offers many hours of unsurpassed recreation during summers warmest days.

Brush-Everard House, Williamsburg, Virginia
The Brush-Everard House, built in 1717, serves as an example of the modest town house of eighteenth-century Williamsburg.  To the rear are found gardens containing the oldest original boxwood plantings in Williamsburg, dating back to colonial days.

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