Thursday, June 24, 2010

Coldwater, Michigan

Sans Souci - Coldwater Lake

Crystal Beach - Coldwater Lake


  1. Water looks so pretty to me in old photographs and films. Even plain rectangular swimming pools seem exotic. What's that about? Such lovely shades of aqua.

  2. This is my Lake House!!!! I am in awe right now! This is undoubtedly my cottages beach front and I think that my mom might be the one sitting on the doc! My mother passed away a few years ago but the picture looks just like her!!! I would love for the person who took and/ or posted this picture to contact me! The property has been in my family for 60 years and I am 100% sure that this is it....if anyone has more information, Email me at just put lake house pic in the post card so I know what it is..... I look forward to an email!