Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Miami, Florida

Calaroga Hall, the dining hall and cafeteria at Barry College, Miami, Florida, provides the student with both hostess style serving at dinner and cafeteria lunch.  On the second floor is housed the home and family life department, including a completely furnished home-management house.

Barry College, Miami, Florida, as seen from the front entrance.  Situated on an 85-acre tract of land in Miami Shores, a residential suburb, the college offers both graduate and undergraduate programs of studies in the many liberal arts fields.

Cor Jesu Chapel is the center of spiritual activities for students at Barry College, Miami, Florida.  Holy Mass is offered daily in the Dominican rite.  Students may assist at Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and weekly Holy HOur.  Frequent visits between classes provide the student with the means for obtaining graces necessary for spiritual growth - the foundation of a well-rounded education.

Airview of the Public Library and Band Shell in beautiful Bayfront Park, Miami, Florida.


  1. This school is really pretty, but I'm surprised how many places that were not necessarily tourist attractions published post cards. Kind of like the back-in-the-day equivalent of a website?

  2. It's true. Some of the postcards I have I look at and say "What the...?" Why would anyone want to send a postcard of that. While I enjoy them and appreciate them as a snapshot of times gone by, if someone sent me a postcard from Joe's Random Diner in Nowhereville, USA then I would probably think they had become unhinged (or perhaps that they were being funny since half the people I know are already unhinged). Some of the things that passed for places of interest in the early half of the century really show how much simpler it was to entertain the masses.

  3. Of course, people sent letters more then. No cell phones or internet, and long-distance was expensive. I guess businesses and institutions thought it was a smart way to advertise.

    Today, I am often surprised by how many photos people take and send with their cell phones. Surely, growing up in Florida and having a certain amount of free admissions has affected my perception of the wonders of Disney, but I often question the necessity of capturing so many moments at the parks, especially when it seems like the photographer is missing the here and now in favor of preserving the memories. Then again, things I take for granted are novel to others; like how a squirrel fascinated and enchanted some Spanish-speaking women on the sidewalk between The Writer's Stop and Star Wars at Hollywood Studios when I waited for Ranney one day.

  4. Hi! Just stumbled upon your site. Thanks for sharing these postcards. I'm originally from Miami, but left years ago. Seeing the Old Downtown Library made me happy. Spents lots of time in the periodicals section doing sort of what I do today on the internet :)

  5. Thanks Jay, plenty more to come. Enjoy.