Monday, August 9, 2010

Miami Beach, Florida

Collins Avenue looking North from 11th Street, Miami Beach, Florida

Burdine's, Miami Beach
Meridian at Seventeenth
One of America's most beautiful stores...designed by Robert Law Weed... with interior by renowned Raymond Loewy Associates.  The home of Sunshine Fashions.  Adjacent to the famous Lincoln Lane parking area for your shopping convenience.

World Famous Lincoln Road
at Miami Beach, Florida - Looking West.


  1. Ranney and I went to South Beach last week. We stayed at the Albion and spent hours on the Lincoln Road Mall. I'm writing about it for my blog.

  2. I loved South Beach when we were there last year. We also spent some time at Lincoln Road Mall which was great. I still have tons of pictures to post from that trip over on PTGBTS.

  3. Very cool. Most of the ones I tried to take in the mid-day sun suffered from harsh glare.

  4. I just realized that last postcard shows the building that is currently a Bank of America, whose digital clock provided Ranney and me with the time and temperature when we swam in the Albion pool before going to dinner at Pasha's.