Saturday, August 21, 2010

Valdosta, Georgia

Green Turtle Restaurant
1901 N. Ashley St. - U.S. 41 North
Valdosta, Georgia
Valdosta's Newest and Most Modern Restaurant - Air-Conditioned - Private Dining Room - Member of Diner's Club - Shamrock Motel Next Door.

Green Turtle
1520 North Ashley Street.  Located on U.S. Highway 41 Northside.  Air-conditioned.  Privated dining room for Parties.  Valdosta, Georgia.  AAA.

Vallow Motel. New, Ultra Modern Guest rooms.  Each with private tiled bath.  Hot water heat.  Air conditioned.  Telephone 1371.  A.C. Brandon, owner and manager, 1810 N. Ashley Street (U.S.41), North side of Valdosta, Georgia.

1 comment:

  1. I hope they weren't eating turtles. But people do.

    I wonder why it was so noteworthy that the baths were tiled. I understand the importance of "private," because our time in Scotland taught me how much we Americans take for granted the luxury of space and privacy.