Sunday, October 10, 2010

Holland, Michigan

"De Zwann" (The Swan) Windmill - in its beautiful setting on Windmill Island, the historic, working mill is majestic in appearance and by its very nature as well.  The lovely landscaped grounds are rampant with blooming tulips during Holland, Michigan's annual Tulip Festival in mid-May.

Tulip Festival at Holland - A gala celebration of "Tulip Time" held each year in May at Holland, Michigan.  Windmills, tulips, Dutch dances, parades and traditional Dutch hospitality make this one of the Nation's outstanding events.

Klompen Dancers - Authentically costumed Dutch "Klompen" (Wooden Shoe) Dancers perform for visitors to Holland, Michigan.  Gala parades and street dancing are features of the nationally famous Tulip Time Festival.

The Doll House and furniture is a replica of a 17th century merchant's home in Amsterdam in the Netherlands.  The Museum located at 12th Street and Central Avenue, Holland, Michigan is dedicated to the preservation of Dutch history and culture.

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  1. And I just commented on Dublin, GA. That first postcard reminds me of Cypress Gardens. "Klompen" sounds very appropriate to describe wooden shoes.