Monday, October 4, 2010

Miami, Florida

Miami, "The City Beautiful" offers much to the visitor.  Its graceful palm-lined streets, magnificent residences, lovely parks.  One of the most beautiful of these is Bayfront Park.  Here on most any sunny afternoon, concerts are played in the unique Moorish-Spanish Bandshell amid amost enequalled surroundings on delightful Biscayne Bay.

One of the distinctly unusual sights of Miami is the Flamingo of the Florida Everglades.  This gorgeous winged creature with its bright plumage, its very long neck and legs, presents an unforgettable picture, backgrounded by the luxuriant tropical growth of the Everglades.

Gorgeous Bayfront Park is shown between Biscayne Boulevard's stately Royal Palms and the smooth Blue waters of Biscayne Bay, dividing Miami and Miami Beach, Florida.

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  1. Beautiful. Too bad they took away the park and filled it with commercial garbage and an arena. Keep up the awesome work!