Thursday, October 28, 2010

Jamestown, Virginia

The Statue of Captain John Smith
Jamestown, Virginia
Captain John Smith was the dominant personality at Jamestown.  Through his leadership he kept the colony together during the first two and one-half years.  In the background can be seen the Old Church Tower.

Jamestown Island, Virginia
Captain John Smith, Governor of Virginia, 1608 and view of James River.  In rear, eastern end of Colonial Fort.

A striking bronze figure of Captain John Smith overlooking the famous and historical James River at Jamestown, Virginia.  Captain Smith was Governor of Virginia in the year 1608.

Visitors on the "Susan Constant II"
Jamestown, Virginia
Although it looks large here, the "Susan Constant II" is, in reality, only 111 feet long.  This unique replica of one of the ships which brought colonists to Jamestown in 1607 can be seen and boarded today in Jamestown's Festival Park near Williamsburg, Virginia.  The original vessel, along with here smaller sisters, the "Discovery" and the "Godspeed," sailed the ocean for five tortuous months to bring to Virginia the first permanent English settlers in America.

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  1. So, was Captain John Smith really the one singing to the people to dig?

    Imagine, two constant Susans!