Sunday, March 20, 2011

Marietta, Ohio

The Betsey Mills Club – Marietta, Ohio.  This outstanding Community Center and club for girls, was established when the house at the corner of Fourth and Putnam was given by Mr. and Mrs. Mills in 1916.  This was the birthplace of Mrs. Mills and also of her nephew, Vice President Charles G. Dawes.  In 1927, Mr. Mills built the present beautiful group-building which serves as a memorial to his wife, Betsey Gates Mills.

View of Downtown Marietta, Ohio taken from top of the Harmar Hill.  The Putnam Street and Railroad bridges are shown crossing the Muskingum river.  On the Ohio river, I-77 Interstate and Williamstown bridges lead to West Virginia.

Mound Cemetery
Marietta, Ohio
“The Conus” is the name given the prehistoric mound in Mound Cemetery, by early settlers. 30 ft. high and 375 ft. in circumference, it is considered the most perfect specimen left by the Mound Builders. Buried nearby are many Revolutionary War officers and hundreds of other men and women who gave strength and character to early Marietta.

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