Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Rare Bird Farm - Miami, Florida

The Coral Flamingo is one of nature’s greatest combination of grace and beauty, and at the Rare Bird Farm, just south of Miami, Florida, they may be seen and photographed at their best.  These birds have become so tame that one can get within a few feet of them.  Here, amid natural surroundings, one would think they were somewhere on Great Abaco or Andros Islands, in the Bahamas, their native habitat.

Flamingos feeding in pool at Rare Bird Farm, 10 miles south of Miami.  For over 100 years rumors have persisted that flamingos have at some time bred in Florida.  The spring of 1939 definitely marked the first time, within the knowledge of man, that the flamingo hatched and reared its young on the North American mainland.  It feeds, in the wild state, upon small crustaceans and mollucs, which it obtains by loosening the mud below the water with a rapid stamping motion of the feet and sifting the muddy water through the sieve-like structure provided in its bill.

African Crown Crane at Miami’s Rare Bird Farm U.S. #1 south of Miami.


  1. Enjoyed seeing these. I lived at the Rare Bird Farm when I was a toddler. My dad was a worker there in the late '40s-early 50s.

  2. such beautiful pictures! where do you manage to get all these postcards? :)

  3. The bulk of them were given to me by an elderly family friend who's house we cleaned out when she went into assisted living. A small percentage I have purchased and some were given to me by other people.