Saturday, May 14, 2011

North Carolina

Bright Leaf Motel
Rocky Mount
Robert Perry Restaurant
Sharpsburg, N.C.
U.S.301 - 4 Mi. South of Rocky Mount, N.C.  Luxurious Accommodations, Spacious Rooms, Fully Air-Conditioned - Free TV - Beauty Rest Mattresses - Wall-to-Wall Carpeting.  Family Units - Tile Baths.  Our Food is Southern Cooking at its Best.

"Dogwood in bloom at Springtime in the mountains of the Carolina's"

Jackson County Court House; located on Court House Hill, Sylva, N.C.  The County Seat moved from Webster, North Carolina by popular vote in 1914 for greater convenience of railroad transportation and existing facilities were fast becoming inadequate.  Known to have 107 steps approaching the entrance.


  1. The Jackson County Courthouse has been recently remodeled and looks better (though the lawn isn't as clean-cut) and it now serves as a community auditorium and offices for local community groups, and a large Public Library addition has been added to the back where there was formerly a Jailhouse, dating back to 1963. The steps have been renovated and now have lights and planters and there is several signs around the base of the steps next to the Fountain Plaza at the end of Main Street. That postcard is from the 1970s or 1980s I believe because the pine trees were removed and the building was painted white (it was formerly red brick) in 1969. It is one of the best sites for a courthouse, I think, that could've been chosen. The previous courthouse also stood on a hilltop in Webster, North Carolina, though it faced Main Street and was surrounded by a hotel, homes and businesses. That courthouse, a two-story structure built of brick in 1888, was abandoned following the move of the county seat to Sylva in 1914. Sylva boomed while Webster died. Webster today is a town again, thanks to a referendum in the 1950s that allowed the town government to be restored and it is only houses, churches and a daycare center in the old schoolhouse, no businesses are allowed in the city limits. Today, downtown Sylva is a vibrant area thanks to revitalization efforts in the 1990s and 2000s, which continue today.

  2. Wow, that is a wealth of information. Thank you. It's a beautiful building in a fantastic location. Sometime, if I make it up that way, I'll have to swing by and see it in person.