Friday, September 16, 2011

Key West, Florida

Pirates Alley
Key West, Florida
Near the historic, old waterfront of Key West where pirates once roamed, Pirates Alley has been created in the English-Spanish architectural tradition.  It is at the Conch Tour Train starting point and comprises old fashioned ice cream parlor, cigar factory, bookstore, shell shop, pottery shop and native restaurant.

The Hemingway House - this picturesque home where Ernest Hemingway wrote some of his famous novels, is open to the public.

Conch shell sellers in quaint old Key West, Florida, are at the Southernmost point of land, in the Southernmost city.  These shells abound in waters adjacent to the Island, and figure prominently in the Island's economy, and history.  The City flag is adorned with a conch shell and many of the foods that are typical here combine the flesh of the conch.

Smathers Beach
Key West, Florida
Named after former Senator George Smathers, this beach was constructed at South Roosevelt Boulevard on the Atlantic Ocean side.  Offshore are beatiful white natural sand bars and many shoals where snorkelers may view tropical fish and shells.  The beach is situated between East Martello and West Martello Tower museums.

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