Sunday, April 15, 2012

Parrot Jungle - Miami, Florida

"Topsy" and "Pinky", Leadbeater's cockatoos, have been imported from Australia and now make their home at Miami's famous Parrot Jungle.  Their feathers are snowy white and soft as down.  Their beautiful crests are usually raised when the birds are excited or angry.

Hyacinth Parrots in the Parrot Jungle, Miami, Florida.

Florida is rich in colorful Birdlife and due to the tropical climate they can be seen throughout the year, roaming freely the jungles and Gardens.
This scene shows Flamingos and Macaws at Miami's Parrot Jungle.

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    Any idea who owns the publishing rights to these photos? Or are they public domain? I'd like to use the last photo for a project I'm doing. Any info you have would be very helpful.