Wednesday, April 4, 2012

South Carolina

Cypress Gardens
Semi-Tropical Wonderland
Near Charleston, N.C.
"America's Most Historic City"
A water forest of giant Cypress trees rising to dizzy heights from the bed of a lake and mirrored to endless depths in its clear, jet-black water, set in an atmosphere of silence that is cathedral-like, created by the deep shade pierced by dramatic shafts of sunlight.  A parent grove of Cypress, "Taxodium disticum", over three hundred years old, seeded this forest in which azaleas, camellias, narcissi and daffodils are in variety.

Long, Hard Days - Trainees at Ft. Jackson undertake dramatic challenges as part of their daily routine.  Named after Andrew Jackson, the post has played a major role in training U.S. Army personnel since its inception in 1917.

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  1. Cypress Gardens? [doubletake] Huh?

    It does look beautiful in the photograph, and the description is enthralling. I didn't realize South Carolina had that type of geography.