Thursday, October 29, 2009

Bok Tower, Lake Wales, Florida

Marble steps lead to the huge door of hand hammered brass.   This door is composed of twenty-six separate pictures, depicting in brass repousse the Genesis story of the Creation, up to the expulsion of Adam and Eve from the Garden of Eden.

Anton Brees and the Carillon
This is the room in which Anton Brees, the world's greatest carillonneur, plays the carillon on the clavier, or keyboard, and makes the music which gives the Singing Tower its name.  The bells themselves do not seing but are rigid, and are struck by clappers worked by levers and operated my the manuals and pedals of the clavier in this room.

No brush can paint nor pencil trace,
The charm and beauty of this place;
Where stands a wondrous monument,
The Singing Tower magnificent.

The Singing Tower, Lake Wales, Florida
The Mountain Lake Sanctuary and Singing Tower were presented to the public by Edward W. Bok.  Everything that genius and art could devise have been done to make this garden spot beautiful and inspiring.  On Iron Mountain, the highest point of land in Florida, the Tower of Georgia marble and Coquina rock, rises 205 feet, to have its beauty duplicated by the reflection in the little lake at its base.  Music from the Carillon, one of the finest in the world, enhances the charm that makes this Sanctuary so memorable.

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