Friday, October 30, 2009

Jesse James Museum, Stanton, Missouri

Jesse James Wax Museum
U.S. 66 - I. 44
Stanton, Missouri
Rudy Turilli who has researched the life of Jesse James for the past 20 years is thoroughly convinced that the figure seated next to him shows Jesse James as he looked when he was 102 years of age.  Mr. Turilli spends most of his time talking to people inside the museum.

Left to Right - Zerelda James Samuels, Mother of the James boys; Cole Younger, Frank James, QUANTRILL and Jesse James.
At Jesse James Museum, Stanton, Missouri
Where you will See AND Hear the True Story

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  1. Wait a minute! Isn't that Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck movie THE ASSASSINATION OF JESSE JAMES...? How did he live to 102? Is it like Elvis and Tupac sightings?