Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hemlock Hall, Blue Mountain Lake, New York

"Great Fireplace", Hemlock Hall
A secluded Hunting Lodge with private beach on beautiful Blue Mountain Lake in the Central Adirondacks. Fishing excellent!
A friendly place at the end of the road surrounded by forest and lake. American plan at reasonable rates for a carefree vacation. Open May 1st to December 1st.

A September view from a bedroom window of this beautiful lodge. Glorious Autumn Coloring!
Comfortable rooms with private bath. Separate cottages on the lake. Boats and Canoes. Excellent fishing! May and June for top trout catches. Delicious food - informal atmosphere - pleasing service. Open May 1st to November 1st. AAA recommended.

This personally owned and operated vacation resort has acquired an enviable reputation for its quiet, congenial atmosphere; immaculate housekeeping and excellent home style meals. These services appropriately supplement its superb and secluded location in the unique Adirondack Mountains Forest Preserve.
A perfection of relaxation and recreation is experienced on the surrounding lake shore, islands and mountain slopes which are so pleasingly covered with ferns, flowers and trees; notably canoe birch, white pine, hemlock, spruce and the fragrant balsam.

A September view from the porch of this beautiful lodge. Glorious autumn coloring! Comfortable rooms with private bath. New Motel Units, efficiency cottages, as well as larger cottages on the lake. Boats and canoes, excellent fishing. May and June for top trout catches. Delicious food - informal atmosphere - pleasing service. Open May 15 to October 20th. AAA & Duncan Hines recommended. One mile from highway, secluded and quiet.

View from "Hemlock Hall's new Motel and Cottages on Birch Knoll".
These beautiful lakeside accomodations, nestled in a forest setting of white birch, balsam and pine trees, have everything the experienced vacationist is looking for; comfort, unspoiled beauty, seclusion, quiet. Appetizing home-type meals. AAA recommended. This is in the midst of 2,500,000 acres of Forest Preserve, Lakes & Mountains. Our many friends and guests know that such a paradise does exist!!
Early reservations are always advisable. Included in the reasonable rates are attractive social quarters, recreational and library facilities, boats, canoes, motors, diving float etc.


  1. Duncan Hines recommended, because you need tranquility and seclusion to bake a moist, delicious cake.

    Seriously, though, this place is beautiful! I think I idealize autumn leaves and snow, because I have so little experience with them. We moved to Florida before I can remember, and I have only traveled north a few times in the fall.

  2. I thought the Duncan Hines athing was pretty funny myself. I was hoping you would make a sarcastic remark.

  3. :) Glad to know I did not disappoint. But, you know, that cake mix with the pudding in it is moist and delicious, as advertised. I much prefer theirs to Betty Crocker or Pillsbury.