Monday, September 21, 2009

1939 New York World's Fair

These are the last of the World's Fair postcards.

Bridge of Wings looking toward Aviation Building, New York World's Fair 1939

Connecting the Administration Building with the main exhibit area of the Fair, the "Bridge of Tomorrow" creates a new architectural design by utilizing the smooth curves and flowing lines of nautical construction.
Architects - A.J. Barzaghi & M.L Radoslovich

Billy Rose's Aquacade, N.Y. World's Fair 1939.

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  1. Hi Brian,
    I have dozens of 1939 postcards from my Father-in-law that crisscrossed the us in 1939 from Maine to LA and then back accross the Northern tier states. He has many from the 1939 NY Worlds Fair.
    Are they worth anythhing?
    Do you want them?