Friday, September 18, 2009

Groton, Connecticut

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Submarine Torpedo Room of U.S.S. Croaker, at Groton, Connecticut.

USS Croaker, a World War II submarine, is open to the public at 359 Thames street in Groton, Conn. Visitors can go aboard the Croaker to see her two torpedo rooms and control room. A seaplane takes off from a dock near the submarine for sight-seeing trips. Monument at Fort Griswold State Park is in the background.

USS Tullibee
First of the nuclear-powered anti-submarine submarines, the USS Tullibee is shown at see shortly after commisioning at her General Dynamics Corporation's Electric Boat Division dock in Groton, Conn. Carrying the smallest crew of any nuclear ship - six officers and fifty men - the 273-foot Tullibee is one of the Nevy's newest Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) weapons and is designed specifically to seek out and destroy enemy submarines. She carries more sonar equipment than all U.S. submarines of World War II.

USS Nautilus, the world's first nuclear-powered submarine, underway at sea. The 320-foot Nautilus heralded a new era in submarine and nuclear technology when she was launched by General Dynamics in Groton on Jan. 21, 1954. The USS Nautilus is now a National Historic Monument open to the public at Groton, Connecticut.

Ariel View
U.S. Naval Submarine Base, New London
Groton, Connecticut


  1. I have happy memories of seeing the U.S.S. Alabama in Mobile when I was six.

  2. I've never been to see anything of this kind.

  3. I think they only had one battleship and one submarine in Mobile. At that age, I doubt I understood much about the design or function of the vessels, but I had fun exploring above and below decks, in and around corridors and corners, stepping through those strange portal doorways. The overcast sky and light rain of that day naturally complemented the gray setting at the edge of the bay. For souvenirs, my brothers got captain's hats, which I remember as black and blue with gold braiding. I had a white one like Gilligan wore, which I think appears on my head in photos at the Lincoln Memorial later that summer.

    In case you are interested in going: