Friday, September 25, 2009

Teich's Original Old Trading Post

Nicklelodeon of Gay Nineties and Bird Collection of 42 native birds at Teich's Original Old Trading Post, Eagle Bay, NY, in Central Adirondack Mts. where folks enjoy looking over Frank's Private Collection of over 2000 items, including Antiques, Nature's Beautiful Wild Life and Domestic Animals, Fish, Birds, and etc. Operating for over 32 years in Eagle Bay, NY.

Frank's Pet Hound Buster and Nature's Double Header Twin Calves at Teich's Original Old Trading Post, Eagle Bay, NY. In Central Adirondacks where folks enjoy seeing Nature's Wild Life and Domestic Animals and Birds and Fish. Over 2000 items including antiques. In existence for over 32 years by Frank Teich.

Teich's Original Old Trading Post

Museum of Wildlife

4th Lake, in The Central Adirondacks

Eagle Bay, New York 13331

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  1. Great pics - I went in there as a kid. The contents were auctioned off around 1972 and the Old Trading Post, garages and neighboring 1930's gas station demolished shortly thereafter. It's still a vacant lot all these years later. Thanks for posting the cards - part of vanishing America.