Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Indianapolis, Indiana

Garfield Park, located at Shelby Street and Garfield Drive, is one of the beauty spots of the City.  Its Greenhouses, Sunken Gardens, Fountains, Swimming Pool and Outdoor Theatre attract crowds day and night.  Its athletic fields serva a wide area.

Garfield Park is distinctive for its beautiful sunken gardens, illuminated fountain and greenhouses.  A promenade balcony of three floors overlooks the gardens.  The park contains bathing pools for adults and children, an open air theatre and a community building with an assembly hall seating five hundred persons.

The 25 city parks comprise a total area of 1,829 acres, affording facilities for every known outdoor sport.  Four aviation fields are within these parks, also a casting pool.  The beautiful sunken gardens in Garfield Park attract many visitors.

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