Monday, May 10, 2010

Troy, New York

Frear's Dry Goods Store, Troy, N.Y.

Hudson River, Day scene, Collar District, Troy, N.Y.

This world-renowned wheel stands in the south end of Troy, N.Y.  Designed and erected in 1838 by Mr. Henry Burden to propel the machinery of his immense Iron Works, it outclasses every other water wheel in this or any other country, it being 60 feet in diameter, with the buckets 22 feet long and 6 feet deep.  When running at a speed of two revolutions per minute a power of 500 to 600 horses was developed.  A wheel of larger diameter was constructed in Wales, but, being of less width and depth of bucket, it was of less power.
A movement was begun to take the wheel to pieces, but Trojans desired that it be left standing as a monument to the skill and enterprise of him who had developed in their midst a most useful and powerful industry.

Falls on the Poestenkill Near Congress St. Troy N.Y.

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